Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some kind of update

Lots to catch up on. Here are some pithy judgments on (selected) experiences from the past few months.

Moon Wonderful science fiction movie. Go see it.
(500) Days of Summer Not worthwhile.
State of Play As expected, more or less
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 Ok
Up The beginning sequences are emotionally wrenching. Go see it.
Coraline Ok, not as great as I hoped
Star Trek XI My thoughts on time travel are already established. Nonetheless, an enjoyable film. I await the next one.
Duplicity Entertaining action/comedy send up

New York Trip
Just thinking about the 36 hours I spent in New York City brings a smile to my face.

Wicked Amazing
Billy Elliott Indescribably awe inspiring
As expected, but fun to see on stage
The Museum of Modern Art Overwhelming. There was also a special exhibit on the history of color photography which was perfectly geared for my level of knowledge and interests
The Pod Hotel Highly recommended

Additional Theater

Sunday in the Park with George. It was ok, but I don't go to the theater to see CGI.
Maria/Stuart by Jason Grote at Theatre Schmeater It was good.


I am somewhat surprised to find that I am now a fan of the ballet. I have been to the Pacific Northwest Ballet three times. Thus far, my enjoyment has been monotonically increasing.

Broadway Festival My first ballet featuring Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Carosel (A Dance), Take Five...More or Less, and West Side Story Suite. Carosel was my favorite
Kent Stowell's Swan Lake My first exposure to the dance classic.
Directors Choice: Dances at a Gathering, After The Rain pas de deux and Symphony in C The pas de deux was breathtaking.

God is Back Interesting and thought-provoking
The Secular Conscience Meh
Daniel Deronda The first half was great. The second half was not.

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